Refinishing Leather Seats

by Kerry Pinkerton

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PLEASE NOTE:  If you click on a thumbnail you will see a very large high resolution image.  These files are 250-300K each and could take some time to download.  However, looking at these four at high resolution will give you a very good idea as to what was needed and the final result.

This web site documents the restoration of the leather seats in my 73 and 64 Imperials using products from Leatherique.  Follow along as we turn this 73 Imperial with badly faded leather and cat claw holes Feb25$03.jpg (250133 bytes) into Feb28$08.jpg (214114 bytes) this beautiful restoration with soft supple leather.  



Next a even more daunting test is renovating cardboard hard, faded, cracked leather on my 64 Imperial (with perfect cloth insert) and turning this  Feb25$01.jpg (330842 bytes) into this. Mar10$09.jpg (262035 bytes)   The after photo does not do the finish justice because you cannot see the pearl tint.

This process works very well and can be done by anyone who is somewhat handy and careful.  It requires no special tools although an airbrush might be handy.


1973 Imperial

Part One - The 1973's Old Leather Interior

Part Two - The Solution

1964 Imperial

Part Three - The 1964's Old Leather Interior

Part Four - The Solution

I also recommend that you visit the Leatherique web site for details and ordering information on their products.


Kerry Pinkerton   

March, 2001


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