Front Suspension Repair Information for Imperials and Chrysler Imperials

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Roadability & Handling overview from the 1972 Master Technician's Service Conference (Session #296)


Special Service Tools Catalog - 1956, Miller Manufacturing Co.


Tip from Dick (1981 - 1983):

I could not find a front end shop that could correctly align my '81. It seems there was not enough camber adjustment, probably due to a sagging K-member. This car has roughly 190,000 miles on it. Inboard tire wear was terrible. It seems Chrysler has the fix in their parts bins: A shim kit is available to space the upper control arm support to compensate for this problem!

Originally designed for police cars to avoid having to replace the K member, these shims are a breeze to install. They can be installed on one or both sides as required. Do not install a kit if it is not necessary, as you will then have the opposite problem. Parts for one side consist of 1each, P/N 4014352 front spacer and 1 each, P/N 4014353 rear spacer. They should only be installed as a set. Do not stack spacers!!! If your frame sags that much, you've got real problems.


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