1981-1983 Imperial Fuel Control Pump

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I am working from memory of what you have replaced/dealt with in trying to solve the acceleration problem. I would suggest that if you have not done so please look at Chapter 14 page 84 of the 1981 Engine Performance Manual. The "Control Pump" sits prominently at the rear of the throttle body. It is easy to remove and take apart for examination. The danger in doing this is that there is a white band around the pump armature, which contains a series of small springs. Avoid doing anything, which would release these springs. They are almost impossible to replace once released. 1. Fuel residue builds up on the walls of this pump cutting performance dramatically. It is possible to simply clean this residue and then try pump functioning by applying power. 2. The armature on this pump can be rebuilt by most electronic shops without much difficulty or cost. 3. The Power Module, which is one of Dick's specialties, directly affects the performance of this pump. These can be purchased for about $150 or if Dick is so inclined, checked out and rebuilt if necessary. I would bet that your problem is in the pump itself. Since it is not a big job to check it out I would start there.

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