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Here are a few other topics related to the fuel system:

Automatic Shut-Down Module

Automatic Idle Speed System

EFI Diagnostic Tips

EFI General Information (includes a detailed picture of all the system parts)

EFI Hot-Start Problem Diagnostics

Fuel Control Pump

Fuel Flow Meter

Fuel Pressure Switch

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing

Fuel Sender Resistance

HSA Assembly Picture (with labelled details)

Knock Sensor

In-Tank Fuel Pump

Potting Metal

Throttle Position Sensor

Vacuum and EGR Problems

*************TIP FROM DAN*************

For those who need to know, I found the vendor of the Fuel Flow Sensors for the 1980s carburetor retrofits. The sensors are
still available.

Here is the web site: www.floscan.com

Below is an e-mail exchange I had. Have fun!


From: Daniel Wing
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 12:26 PM


I was wondering if this was the company that provided the fuel flow sensor for the Chrysler Imperial carburetor retrofit program in the 1980s?

I have a fuel flow meter on my car that has the name FLOSCAN 264 on it. There is some German writing on the housing and there are three wires that come out of it with connectors on the end.


Yes, we're the same company. Specify P/N 264-905-04 for the replacement sensor. Cost is $110 each and we accept all major credit cards for payment.

Joe Dydasco 

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