1981-1983 Imperial Fuel Flow Meter

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The Fuel Flow Meter is a cigarette-sized box that is fastened to the end of the control fuel pump. It has a 4-wire harness going to it.

The device that is connected to the fuel line after the fuel pressure switch (looks like an old time brake light switch) is the fuel nozzle assembly; that is something that you can disassemble carefully and clean with spray-type carb. cleaner to make sure all 8 nozzles are squirting.

The Fuel Flow Meter is at the end of the Control Pump. It is a rectangular, resin-filled device with the four leads in the lower corner. It is not, and never was, available as a separate part.

Question from Bob:

I've just retro-fitted my '81. Well the fuel flow meter worked for about a day, and now it just reads 99.9 all the time. Is it the flow meter itself, the resistor. I checked the harness and made sure everything was connected and it was. I picked up another '81 with 50k on the O.D. It was hit in the front and is now a parts car. The dealer did the retro in '83 according to the sticker under the hood. So I followed the manual to take the intake, the cat, all of the fuel lines, and everything. If anyone can tell me why the "present fuel" reads 99.9 all the time let me know. It's driving me NUTS!


From Dick:

I can't tell you why without getting under your hood with my oscilloscope, but I can tell you that most of the converted cars have mpg readouts that say "99.9 mpg".

The best way to get this thing working is to convert the car to the original EFI system which has a reliable fuel flow meter and readout that always works right. If it doesn't work, the car won't run, on an EFI car.

From Bob:

Included with the Chrysler retro kit, installed by the dealer, was a new Instrument Cluster assembly. I'm not positive that your problem is there, and I also do not know if the new flow meter is working. However, this flow meter was made in Germany and used on cars other than the converted Imperials. I think some research might help find these parts elsewhere.

From Peter:

The fuel flow meter part number is #4222798.

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