1981-1983 Imperial In-Tank Fuel Pump

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Tip from John:

This fuel pump can give you problems when it is not really broken. What happens is it ingests some of the plastic from the now-deteriorating plastic intake screen and jams. Disconnect the battery first. Isolate the leads to the pump. Disconnect them and reverse the pump. What you can also do is remove trunk floor carpet, carefully cut access hole (very difficult but worth it,) remove pump and pickup, clean out crap, replace screen or just add a pickup extension made of fuel hose. The pump is really heavy duty engineering and should not wear out in your lifetime.

Addition from Bob:

The correct Fuel Pump for the EFI Imperial is available from NAPA under their Part Number: P-74051, for less than a hundred dollars. The body of the pump is smaller than the Tokheim, but has identical output capacities and will fit nicely into the existing bracket.


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