1981-1983 Imperial Knock Sensor

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Explanation from Dick:

The knock sensor is screwed into the intake manifold just about directly inboard from the #6 cylinder, and it is the only thing screwed into the manifold at that location.

If you follow the vacuum lines to the fitting on the branch of the manifold just inboard from the #5 cylinder (driver's side of the manifold), then feel over toward the passenger side, you should find it (or a blocking plug if someone has removed it.)

It looks very much like the old-fashioned hydraulic type of oil pressure or brake light sender, namely a round knob with a 1/8" pipe threaded end going into the manifold, and a cone-shaped tower, about 1/2 inch high, with a wire terminal sticking out the top of it, right in the center of the round device, which is about 1 1/8 inch in diameter.

The wire simply pushes down over the end of the sensor; there is no screw or nut involved. As I recall, the connector is "L" shaped. If you have the FSM, take a look at page 8-388, along the upper right-hand edge of the page. This page is also labeled Y 9, in case your manual is paginated differently than mine.

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