1981-1983 Imperial Throttle Position Center

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Tip from Dick:

You can keep the TPS energized without running the engine, what you have to do is unplug the two wire connector that goes to the control fuel pump so that it does not fill your intake manifold with liquid fuel (this is the one inside the HSA "air cleaner"), then jumper from pin 2 to 3 of the ASDM plug, then, when you turn on the key, that will supply 12 volts to the power module, which in turn will supply 23 volts to the TPS. In re-reading the whole batch of messages on the subject of poor throttle response, I am struck by the fact that a large number of these cars show this symptom at some point in their life (including one of mine), and I think Carl Baty's suggestion about possible crud buildup in the control fuel pump might bear further investigation. I will look into this and see if I can learn anything.


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