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Sales Literature

Magazine Advertisements





A Job "Thought Impossible" - The story of the Chrysler-Sperry Gyro-Compass

RADAR: The Great Detective; 1946

"Tanks are Mighty Fine Things"; 1946

Great Engines and Great Planes; 1947

Secret: Chrysler's Role in the development of the Atomic Bomb; 1947

Engineering... Mobilized; 1949

Bullets by the Billion; 1946


Chrysler's First Hemi


1945 Chrysler Imperial Derham-bodied limousine

Magazine Articles

Cars Sold & Shipped during WWII (Allpar)

Chrysler's Leading Role in WWII Emergency Tank Production

Chrysler's Evansville, Indiana WWII Arsenal

Dodge & The B-29

Chrysler War Work; July 1944

Chrysler War Work; October, 1944

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