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Welcome to the Imperial Registry

Have you ever wondered how rare your car is?  Have you ever wondered how many cars like yours (or like someone else's, or like the car that you are dying to get) are left?  Have you ever wondered where all the imperial are located?

We have started a project to answer these questions!  The Imperial Registry is an attempt to figure out what has happened to all the Imperials.  This is a monumental task to attempt to find and keep track of all the imperials built from 1926 onward.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the older Imperials are gone and will probably not be able to be counted.  The only way that we have a chance to make this successful is to have your help.  Please take a minute and register your Imperials.  All it takes to register an Imperial in the Imperial Registry is the car's VIN number, and the condition of the car, you can even register cars that you used to own, or which you see at a wrecking yard, or at a meet, or in a parking lot, etc.  Though we only require the VIN and the condition, we would really like to know more about the car, and encourage you to add additional information.  Please note that the VIN will not be displayed, but is used internally to uniquely identify a car.

Another way that you can help is by being on the look out for Imperials in wrecking yards an such and getting the VIN from the car and registering it.  If everyone does a little bit, this can quickly become a really great tool!

In addition to the Imperial Registry, we like to hear about all Imperials, so please take a moment and tell us about your Imperial. Don't worry if it isn't in #1 condition, we don't mind.

Also not really part of the Imperial Registry, but if you want to see how to decode your VIN, click here.

For those of you who own a classic era Imperial (1926 - 1933), click here to see A Primer on Body Styles. Also, research your serial number using Chrysler's comprehensive model and serial number guide (covers all Chrysler models 1914-1940).

If you aren't already a member of the Online Imperial Club, we encourage you to join up with us.


This page was last updated 22 January 2010.  Send us your feedback, and join the Imperial Mailing List online car club today!