Tim Hulse's Latest '56: 2-Door Southampton

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Here are a few of the 56 I got in September 04. If you all remember, I had a 56 once before. I swore I would never sell it and I did. I worked my butt off to find another. My son and I are going to enjoy this one for as long as we can.

When I got this car it had sat for 25 years. I got it home from Oregon and the work began. Cleaned out the car of all the extra parts which was like Christmas morning as a kid. There was at least 2" of rat crap through out the car. It took me a while to clean it out, but I did. The engine was looking horrible and everyone said it was junk. My friends all insisted to pull it out and tear it down. Hmmm! What to do? After they all left I started my idea. Lets see what we have first. I drained the oil. Replaced some wires that the rats had eaten. Replaced the coil, found a carb I new about from a friend. Pulled the intake manifold off and got the old shop vac and sucked all the rat crap out of the intakes. Put it all back together, pored gas in the carb and it fired up. There was fur, leaves, hair, hay and feathers that flew out the exhaust pipes. What a thrill!

Little by little, I have been doing little things as I can. I have rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel pump, new points, cap, and wires. The car does have the Tourqueflite and A/C. I will update with more pictures as I go. My hopes and plans are to get it painted this summer. The original colors are supposed to be Surf Green over Cloud White.

Tim Hulse 56 Imperial 2-dr Southampton.

Getting prepped for paint
Completed and Ready for Cruising! (July 29, 2005)


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