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Sales Literature

Color Brochure

B & W Brochure

Chrysler Corporation Brochure

Magazine Ads

Forward-Look Ads

Factory Photos

Limousine Brochure

Chrysler Events: Fashion Show

The Flight-Sweep New Car Line-up

Original 1956 Dealer's Price List

Repair Literature

Chrysler's Master Technicians Service Booklets for 1956


Production Figures


Owner's Manual

Instant Heat Condition-Aire

Paint Chips

R-M Paint Chips

Window Switch Repair

HighWay Hi-Fi

Special Service Tools Catalog - 1956, Miller Maufacturing Co.

Replacement Glass Codes

Steering Wheel Clocks


1950s Parade Phaetons

1956 Flight Sweep TV Ad

1956 Chrysler Idea & Show Cars

1956-57 Dart-Diablo

GHIA Plainsman Concept Wagon

The "Lost" GHIA Norseman

Driver Rave-views

French Artwork

The Power-Packed Story of Chrysler PowerFlite Video

WPC Club Notes

The (3) 1956 Convertibles

1956 Imperial Wagons

Crown Imp Railroad Limousine


Roger Farrar's Sedan

Tony Bevacqua's Sedan

Burt Park's Sedan

Serge Brassard's Sedan

Norman Weinfeld's Coupe

Jeff Carrothers' Sedan

 Warren White's Sedan

Tim & Lisa Hulse's Southampton (recently sold).

Tim & Lisa Hulse's Newest Southampton

Walter Fletcher's 1956 Coupe

Leo Jormanainen's Sedan

Ross & Janice Klein's Sedan

Orville Smith's Desert Rose Sedan

Larry Jones's Sedan

Jerry Farmer's Green 2-door

Mollinedo's family Limousine in Spain

Jim Bennett's Sedan

William Holden's Southampton

Prince Rainier's Sedan

Mint Green Coupe for sale

Randy Still's Crown Imperial 8-passenger Sedan

Dwight David Eisenhower's Sedan

David Simmons' Sedan

Lars Weggen's Sedan

Charmaine Olson's Southampton

Bob Ross' Sedan "Miss Pearl"

Tom Cox's Newport

Richard Rowlands Newport

A Coral & White Southampton

Jon Yinger's "Blue Baron"

A highly optioned '56 on Ebay

Magazine Articles

NCPC '56 Imperial article

Tom McCahill's review

WPC Club article on the '56

Houston Chronicle article on Jim Bennett's Sedan

Custom Styling.... from Mechanix Illustrated

Motor Life review of the 1956 car lines.

Auto Age comparative tests of the '56 Imperial, Cadillac and Packard

Popular Mechanics - Parade of '56 Cars

Car Life's review of the new '56 Imperial

The 1956 Imperial from Motor Life

Pushbutton Driving from Motor Life

Illegitimate Imperial from Collector Car Yearbook

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