Tim & Lisa Hulse's 1956 2-Door Southampton

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I got the car about 7 years ago. My father and I were driving around looking for a old car. We found this one in Taft, Ca. It was in horrible shape. Dad had it hauled home only to sit in his garage for about 6-months. He had decided it would be to much work for him. He called me up one day and told me I could have it as long as I promised to never get rid of it. I have re-worked everything on this car. Most of the work being done by myself, from changing pistons to rebuilding the transmission. I have pictures from when I first started but haven't been able to find them. Will keep trying. I have never owned a car like this. It has the 354 Hemi (98,000 miles) with the 2-speed PowerFlite. I re-wired everything from the trunk forward. It has a new 2 1/2 exhaust with DynaFlow mufflers. I have it being re-upholstered as we speak. To anyone else out there; if you can do most of the work yourself you will appreciate it more than if you have it done some where else. I will send a lot better pictures when I get it home showing more angles.



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