Jim Bennett's '56 Imperial

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From: Tom Shaw

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Jim Bennett's 56 Imperial

Jim was kind enough to let me root around under the hood and other various places to see and feel a working automobile. Mine hasn't moved in four years and is in various pieces. Due to weather conditions we were not able to take her out for a spin but I was able to hear how the engine sounds and get the feel for things like brake pedal pressure and power steering touch. Hopefully we will connect again this summer and I can actually ride in this fine auto.

Tom Shaw and Jim Bennett

This picture was taken during the winter in Jim's garage. Jim wanted to replace the gas fired heater with a conventional one and he sold me the gas heater. Mine was too beat up and rusted.

We made contact, of course, through the IML and spoke several times on the phone. It turned out that Jim lives about 20 minutes from my son. We go there to visit 5 or 6 times a year.

You can read a syndicated newspaper article about Jim's 1956 Imperial.  Our copy is the column which appeared in the Houston Chronicle entitled, "Owner of 1956 Imperial Touts Car's Magnificent Tailfins".

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