Joe's 1956 Imperial Limousine

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Blue Limo Fabulous blue limousine owned by Jim Martin's friend in the bay area, the elusive Joe. Limousines had '56 front end styling, including painted, rather than chrome, headlight bezels.
Blue Limo Limousine with owner, Joe
Rear 3/4 The rear view shows that the '56 limo is really an updated '55 body, with full-round wheel openings and special "add-on" fins.
Rear View Also visible from the rear is the formal rear window and '55-style bumper (with tailpipe openings).
Dash Dashboard features '56-style pushbuttons (left) and the sweetest-working rotary switches in automotive history (center).
Driver's Compartment Driver's compartment.
Passenger Compartment Here's where the VIP's sit.
Engine Compartment Engine compartment housing the 354 hemi.
Engine Compartment Another view of the engine.


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