1956 Imperial Interior Pictures

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Check out the impressive sound of the 1956 Imperial horn.

Steering Wheel

View from the driver's seat shows that this car is equipped with 3-spd push-button Torqueflite transmission, introduced mid-model year for Imperial only, replacing the 2-spd. Powerflite.



Push Buttons

Zooming in on those transmission push buttons...also shown is the parking brake release handle--twist counter-clockwise to release the brake. As with all push-button transmissions through 1962, there is no 'Park', making the transmission tailshaft-mounted drum even more important.


Close-up of the rotary switches for air conditioning, headlights, wipers, cigar lighter (just push in, like any lighter), panel dimmer, and map/dome lights. Also visible are the 'ash receiver' and lever for opening the cowl vent.



Switch Close-Up

Close-up of two of the dash switches. A/C switch controls both cooling level and blower speed--evaporator and blower are located inside the trunk, and blows cool air upward from the rear package shelf. Headlight switch has a smooth, solid feel when actuated.

Heater Controls

Close-up of the lever-type controls for the heater. To the right of the heater fan switch is an identical switch for the defrost blower, which uses a separate motor--no underdash vacuum-controlled damper doors to give problems!



Dash Crest

Details of the dash between the gauges; at the top are the turn signal indicators surrounding the high beam indicator, then the parking brake lamp, and the spiffy Imperial crest.


Standard clock location is on the right side of the dash, above the glovebox door. Optionally available was a self-winding Benrus clock inserted in the steering wheel hub, where the 'Power Steering' emblem is normally.

Front Door Panel

Front passenger-side door panel. Lift up on the door handle to open, push down to lock.

Rear Door Panel

A shot of the rear, driver-side door panel, showing the power window switch, ash receiver and cigar lighter, and Imperial crown emblem. This model is simply called the Sedan, however, not to be confused with the Crown Imperial (limousine) or 1957-and-later Imperial Crown.


Zooming in on the crown...note recessed bar painted white.


View of the front seatback showing one of the two grab handles. The Imperial eagle cloth seen here is original, but the black vinyl at the top is a temporary seat cover. Note the classy aluminum finish panel at the bottom of the seatback.


Close-up of the seatback shows the detail that went into the eagle upholstery (note the crowns of gold thread above the eagle's head) and the metallic black bolster fabric. That grab handle is sturdy, man, sturdy!

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