Randy Still's 1956 Crown Imperial Formal Sedan

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This Embassy Gray 1956 Crown Imperial Formal Sedan is owned by Randy Still. It is an unrestored original car.


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This 1956 Crown Imperial was bought new by B.F. Goodrich Company for use as an executive car at the headquarters in Akron, Ohio. It saw service there for several years and was later acquired by car collector, Bob Porter, of Cleveland, Ohio. Bob changed the color to the current Embassy Gray and eventually sold it to Reginald Boland of Salisbury, NC. Randy's first sight of the car was at an organizational meeting of the Carolina Chrysler Club in Salisbury, NC in 1981. he loved the car immediately since the '55-'56 styling has always appealed to him. The appeal of the Crown Imperial long wheelbase cars is that they were designed as such and not merely an extended body. This results in a limousine styling that is truly stunning.

Reginald Boland and Randy became good friends through the ensuing years in the antique car hobby. Reginald toured the car extensively with the Milestone Car Society and took it to several WPC and AACA Club events. It was often shown at the Charlotte Autofair.. In recent years Reginald had loaned the car to the North Carolina Museum of Transportation where it was a popular exhibit in their car collection. Reg & Randy attended the AACA's Hershey, PA Meet several years and were both spellbound by the fine Crown Imperial currently owned by Brad Cerra. When Reginald decided to change to a Classic Car Club of America approved Classic as his prime antique, he knew Randy would be most interested in owning the car. Randy purchased the car in November of 2002 and picked it up from the museum in May 2003.

This car is the 8 passenger Formal Sedan (no divider window) but otherwise is the same as the Limousine. The driver's compartment is upholstered in two shades of gray. That color scheme is repeated on the beautiful dash. It has the push button controlled 2- speed transmission. The passenger compartment is a gray fabric and the carpet is gray throughout. The car is basically original except for the paint, exhaust, some brake parts, etc. These items have been kept as original, but either replaced or rebuilt to keep the car roadworthy since it has been driven over 112,000 miles. Those miles have left some blemishes but the overall style and beauty of the car still come through.

Randy owns several antique cars, but none draw any more attention than this 1956 Crown Imperial when he has it on the road or at a show. It is a privilege for us to see Randy's beauty!




Here are a few interior shots of Randy's wonderful Crown Imperial.


And two detailed images of the jump seats:


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