1956 Imperial Station Wagon

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From Henry Tolino:

In the course of looking for parts for my neverending '56 Imperial project, I stumbled across a '56 Windsor Town & Country Wagon for sale. As we have so many Chrysler (as well as Imperial) experts out there, I was hoping for some free advice:

1) I know the car is rare; is it worth buying? I haven't seen the car yet; the color snaps look spiffy.

2) Did anyone see this car at Chryslers at Carlisle?

3) The interior (as near as I can tell from the snapshots) is black-and-white checked or herringbone. Is this authentic?

4) Anything else to look out for?

5) There is a basket case '56 Imperial (i.e. a tree is growing through it) not far from my office with a good front clip and grill. Imperial wagon, anyone?

From Jeff Stork:

The 1956 "Imperial" wagon has been done- an friend of mine has one here in Los Angeles. Actually, the car has a 300 nose panel and grille qith stock Chrysler bumper, and Imperial taillamps and trim. I'm not sure the real Imperial front clip would bolt on- one should measure the trailing edge of the front fender for length.

From Henry:

If it's gray, I once owned it briefly and sold it to LA acquaintances. Great car. Problem for me was it did not have power steering--the person who did the conversion for some reason took off the PS. We weren't (at the time) into putting it back on. It has a 300B engine in it. I have mixed feelings about letting it go, basically bought it to help out a cash flow crisis for a friend. Thinking now I wish I had kept it. Anyway, it if comes back up for sale,I would appreciate knowing and perhaps I would be interested in re-purchasing.

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