Warren White's 1956 Imperial Sedan

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A brief quote from Warren about his wonderful Imperial:


I purchased the car in February of 2000 from R.C. Young, who is the same seller that Ross Klein bought his 56 Imperial,  "Wadsworth",
from.  In fact I responded to the ad (too late) for the car Ross bought, which was two tone green.  I had owned a similar color 4 door hardtop from
about 1959 until 1966.  I was disappointed when I found the green car was sold, and was somewhat amazed to find he had a second 56 Imperial for sale.  I flew to Toledo and looked at the car and decided to buy it.  It looked good, but I was aware there were many mechanical shortcomings, even though R.C. said the car was in good enough shape to drive back.  It wasn't, and I didn't.  I had it shipped for about a $1,000, to Houston, in a closed trailer.

Since bringing it to Houston, I have done the following: replace all brakes and wheel cylinders, replace idler arm, repair AC (3 times), overhaul
carburetor (twice), install points, repair broken steering wheel, replace the rear leaf springs, replace all four shocks, repair the radio, converted to a quartz drive for the clock, replace the antenna, put on correct radiator cap, have correct ignition and door lock keys made, install grab handles for rear passengers, and maybe a few other small things. The AC does work at this time,  but I expect it to require a fair amount of maintenance. My mechanic believes it will be fairly reliable, which is an absolute necessity much of the year in Houston.  The car looks "younger" since I replaced the rear springs.  I didn't realize how much it was drooping, and it definitely improves the appearance with proper rear height.  Handling is much better too.

Things left to do that I know about - replace the power brake booster (has significant vacuum leak), install new weather stripping on all doors, put on a new carburetor, fix the odometer reset cable, and overhaul the steering gear. The steering is the most objectionable problem right now. There is
about 4" of excessive play in the steering, which makes driving in heavy Houston traffic a thrill. But, there was about 16" of play in the wheel when
I first got the car, so the problem has been reduced. Oh, I have also found out the OEM type tires on the car are way out of round, but this is only a
problem from about 65 mph and up. That's a fairly low priority fix at this point.

I bought the car to enjoy driving when and where I wanted.  I owned a '56 Imperial from 1959 until 1966, and I have a pretty good idea of how the car should drive. At my current rate of improvement, I hope to be close to original derivability by the end of this summer (2001).  



Click on the small photo to see a larger size.

Here's is a picture of Warren's car from the front.  The sleek lines of the Imperial make the '56 look much lower than it actually is.

Warren's '56 is painted Cloud White over Turquoise...a very stunning and unusual combination.  This sedan also has the correct wide, white-wall tires and Imperial hubcaps.  

The car sports original 1956 Texas license plates which Warren purchased on E-bay.  Notice the "Imperial Only" parking sign...nice touch Warren!

 Here is a picture of the interior.  Warren has replaced the radio and repaired the clock.  The two tone dash looks great in person and has a definite 1950's feel.  The minute you step inside this interior, you feel like you are back in 1956, motoring down the by-ways.


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