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The 1957 Ghia 4-Door Convertible

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Philippe Courant in Pau, France recently found the rare one-of-a-kind '57 Ghia 4-Door Convertible. Someone gave him some numbers off the data plate: the model is 283, so Ghia built this car from a convertible and not from a 2dr-HT.

When you look at the windshield side moldings you'll find exactly the same as the convertible with exterior medallions. Schedule date was 2, february 1957 and this car has a SO/FO number so it was previously built as an export model (with kph speedo).

Unlike other Ghias, this model has the '57 front end bumper & grille. However, the hubcaps seem to be unique. The center piece is from the '58.

Features on this car: Export speedo (260 kph = 162 mph !!), options 221 (black soft top), 345 (Highway HiFi), 356 (Electro Touch radio), Paint X (white), "Ghia" medallion over headlight, 392 engine with 2 generators, No A/C or heater, ther's a delete plate instead of the heater.

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