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Sales Literature

Color Foldout Brochure

Prestige Brochure

Black & White Brochure

Crown Limousine Brochure

Your Date with Distinction

Magazine Advertisements

"Forward Look" Introduction

"Forward Look" Advertisements

Factory and Publicity Photos

You're on the Test Track: 1957 Chrysler & Imperial Road Test Video

Leather Brochure

Imperial vs Cadillac 62 Sales Film

Imperial vs Cadillac Sales Questions

Repair Literature

54-58 Part Number Service

Master Technicians Service Conference booklets for 1957

Owners Manual

Rust Prevention Bulletin

Carter C-75-2 Carburetor

AFB-AVS Reference

1957 Service Bulletins


Body-Plate Decoding Tips

Dashboard Lighting and Gages

Highway Hi-Fi

Paint Chip Chart

Production Figures


Standard & Optional Equipment

VIN Decoder

Special Service Tools Catalog - 1956, Miller Maufacturing Co.

Replacement Glass Codes


Auto-Lite Ad

Imperial-Bodied Hearses

"Imps of Omaha" Shriner Convertibles

John D'Agostino's Custom Coupe

1956-57 Dart-Diablo

WPC Club Notes

Movado watch Ad

A mid 50's rendering of a 1957


'57 Heaven's Crown Convertible

A 1957 Imperial in Iran

A Beautiful Ghia Crown Imperial Limousine

Philippe Courant's Crown Convertible

Markku Jaakkola's Crown Southampton

Mika Jaakkola's Crown Southampton

Colin Knight's Coupe

A Pink Crown 4-Door

A 1957 Convertible Boat

Anton and Marina's Coupe

Michael Howlett's Dual Headlamp

Michael Howlett's Single Headlamp

A VERY Original Blue Sedan

Howard Hughes' Crown Convertible

Lauren Bacall's very nice Crown

Boyd Kooij's Coupe

A Kustomized Coupe

Kerry Pinkerton's Coupe Restoration

Rare Single-Headlamp Crown Convertible

Graham Rollo's Coupe

George Sazdoff's Crown Southampton

Doug & Glenda Wright's Coupe

A 1957 Ghia Crown Imperial found at an auction in Canada

The only Ghia Crown Convertible ever made!

Ken Chilton's Crown

Hank Hallowell's Sedan

A Customized Coupe

A Rare Original Sedan

A Sedan on Ebay

A modified Black Lebaron

A very original Sedan on Ebay

Magazine Articles

1957 New Car Parade, from Popular Mechanics, November 1956

Forward Look Flagship: The 1957 Imperial Southampton, from Forward

The Ghia Crown Imperials, from Special Interest Autos, Dec.1972-Jan. 1973

Imperial, 1957 . . . A Very Good Year, from WPC News, April 1975.

Imperial Consumer Analyses, from Car Life, May 1957

Imperial Road Test, from Motor Life, October 1957

Restraint Has Gone Out the Curved Window of the '57 Imperial, from Motor Trend, December 1956

Traditional Luxury, Modern Looks: 1957 Imperial Crown Southamption, from Special Interest Autos, December 1993

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