Ken Chilton's 1957 Crown in England

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Ken Chilton recently wrote in and asked us if we could post some pictures of his very nice 1957 Crown on the website.

Ken is one of our members from England.

Here's what Ken had to say about his unique copper coloured Imperial:

Please find enclosed the article from a classic car magazine in which my Imperial was the car used for the main photoshoot. It was a lovely evening with the sun just starting to go down, reflecting on the bronze paintwork. It sure looked glorious in the semi-light.

Perhaps you can post the article on the Club website for the others to see.

Also included are a few photos from the same session....

We recently had the seats recovered (SMS Fabrics), plus the trunk.

It's still the only '57 Imperial Crown Southhampton 4 dr. Hardtop in the U.K.



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We hope Ken will send us more pictures of his very nice Crown !

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