Michael Howlett's 1957 Imperial (one of two)

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Here I am in the driver's seat unloading the car upon it's arrival.


(Written in Summer 2013:)

I purchased this Imperial in 2007 locally from a Craiglist ad. My wife and I call this the Butterscotch Imperial because of its color. When I purchased it, the seller told me he bought this car for the motor, but then decided it was too nice to part-out or dismantle. He listed the car on Craigslist in hopes that someone would buy it and restore it. I haven't had a chance to start working on this car yet, and it does have a few issues like a grinding front wheel brake that will need serious attention. Of course an upgrade of all rubber lines and upgrade of the rest of the brake system is one of the first things I will do. In my free time have been working on my other Imperials, but I am anxious to get going on restoring this one.


Many Thanks to Philippe in France and his wonderful website for the following info:


Base price new: $4838

Production numbers of IM1-1 - 4 door Southhampton Custom - 7527



Here are the Data Tag specs:

MDL - Model - 179 - 1=Low (IM1-1) - 7=Base (Custom) - 9=4 door hardtop

PNT - Paint - XT - X= Cloud White (roof) over - T= Champagne Gold

TRIM - Interior Trim - 51 - light gray metallic vinyl & light gray basket weave fabric.

SCH - Scheduled build date - February 22, 1957

ITEM - 2549 (?) maybe #2549 of total of this body style built ?

BODY - 12950 - should be the production number of this car (of all 1957 Imperials built)

SO/FO - special order/foreign order - (none)



328 - Power Windows

326 - 6-way Power Front Seat

357 - Flitesweep Decklid (Trunk)

349 - Dual Headlights

331 - Vanity Mirror

335 - Mirror - left outside rear-view

334 - Mirror - inside tilt type

356 - Electro-Touch Radio

323 - Heater - custom conditionaire

265 - (?)

332 - Solex Glass

324 - Rear window Defogger


Serial number (on right front door post):


Engine number (on the block in a flat space behind the water pump):



V8 Hemi "Firepower" - 392 CI (6425 cc)

Bore x stroke: 4.00 x 3.9 inches

Horsepower: 325 hp at 4600 rpm

Torque: 425 ft/lbs at 2800 rpm

Compression ratio: 9.25 / 1

Carburator: 4 BBL Carter WCFB 2590 S

Electrical: 12 V



Automatic transmission - "Torqueflite" 3 speeds

Converter ratio: 2.7 / 1

Gear selection: 5 pushbuttons (left-hand side of inst. panel): N, D, 1, 2, R

Ratios: 1 : 2.45 ; 2 : 1.45 ; Drive: 1 ; Reverse : 2.2

Rear axle: 3.18 / 1


Suspension, Brakes:

Front, type independent, torsion-bar with ball joints, power steering : "Coaxial Power steering"

Rear, type semi elliptic leaves

Brakes: power, 4 drums ( 12 in.)

Parking brake (drum) at rear of transmission



Wheelbase: 129 in. (3,28 m)

Length x width : 224 x 81,2

Weight: 4640 to 4940 lbs

Height: 57.5 in loaded

Tires 9.50 x 14


Click on photos to see larger versions




The car has many original items intact: the decal/sticker on the trunk handle, the original 14" wheels and wheelcovers, original but worn and torn upholstery (photos coming), all documentation and maintenance records from day one.


I have a couple of other Imperials that I am working on, and also a couple of other projects which are almost finished.


I can't wait to begin work on this one........ (more pictures to come)





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