Doug and Glenda Wright's 1957 Imperial Coupe

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My family and I have owned several Imperials. When I ran across this "57 2dr. hardtop I knew I had to have it.

I have always felt the "57 Imperial was Virgil Exner's crown jewel.

After a couple of years of negotiating, we were finally able to bring the car home. The paint and body work were done, the interior was stripped except for a crushed velvet headliner someone had installed some years ago.

After the interior was completed the car was presentable but the bumpers needed re chroming. Big job.

Another of my favorites has got to be the 300C. What should have been an option was the 300 motor in the Imperial.

I have often thought a good story would have been ; The local physician special ordered his Imperial with the 300 engine.

Not true but good nonetheless. A good friend sold me a freshly rebuilt engine, built to 300 specs. with 2 -4 barrel carburetors, sold lifters etc. And of course those unique air cleaners. We always enjoy driving the car, never had a car that got so many looks.

" Big Daddy " Ed Roth said it was one of the most beautiful cars he had ever seen. I consider this the ultimate complement.   


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