Patrik Strub's 1958 Ghia Imperial Limousine

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My 1958 Ghia was sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction on 1/20/1995 to a Swiss gentleman. I saw the car for the first time on a Swiss Imperial Meet the same year. I was absolutely fascinated by this wonderful Imperial, and it has become a dream of mine to own a car like it.  Unfortunately, that was the first and the last time I saw this car. After about 6 years, in January 2001, a German friend phoned me.  Among other things, he suddenly mentioned that his friend had a 1958 Imperial Ghia Limousine which he wanted to sell. At first, I absolutely couldn't believe it! What a lucky chance!! One week later, I drove to Germany to look at the Ghia. When I saw the car,  I was sure that I would purchase this Imperial. It's such a beautiful car! On March 16, 2001 the Ghia was ready to be imported to Switzerland.
The '58 Ghia is in a 2 to 3 condition.  There are some little things which I still have to repair. For example, not all the X's work, but the
biggest problem is the rust! I wasn't really prepared for that. It's worse than I thought. So I  started to remove it.   I hope the Ghia is ready to be driven in a few weeks.  I plan to do a frame off restoration in time, but I first have to restore my '55 Imperial.
Here is some information about the Ghia:
VIN#:  LY11040
engine:  392 cui Chrysler Fire Power HEMI
engine#:  CE 5712719
exterior color:  black
interior color:  gray
number of pieces:  31
price:  US$ 16,000.00
length: 246.4"
weight: 2980 kg


Exterior Photos:

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Interior Photos:

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