1959 Imperial Limousines

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Chrysler made seven Imperial Limousines in 1959. They were subcontracted out to Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin, Italy. The production was coordinated by Paul Farago, an Italo-American Chrysler Engineer who was a friend of both Virgil Exner and Luigi Segre (President of Ghia). The designs were created by Engineers in Detroit, all the custom body work was done by Ghia in Italy. Some famous people that owned Imperial Limousines, over the years, are Queen Elizabeth (1959), David Sarnoff of RCA, the novelist Pearl Buck, The King of Saudi Arabia, The Emirs of Kuwait and Qatar, Rafael Trujillo dictator of the Dominican Republic, Achmed Sukarno The President of Indonesia (1959) and Nelson Rockefeller. Their was a six month waiting list. Imperial Limousines were only built from 1957 through 1965 and only a few each year. The exception is, a few were built in 1972.




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