Dietmar Frensemeyer's Swiss-Built 1960 Imperial Sedan

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From: Dietmar Frensemeyer

Germany, near Strasbourg and Baden Baden.

I own a 1960 Imperial four door sedan in metallic green and metallic green interior formerly owned by a sheik of Lebanon. All letters are even plated in gold!

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I installed a special interior element to show the regular plate. The original 6 pound "imperial" plate is always screwed on the bumper. The wheels are from my Monteverdi - while mine are away to be chromed. It will become a real Imperial car and very sensational for European people. The colour fits perfectly with the chrome and the gold.

I joined the Swiss IMPERIAL CLUB OF EUROPE meeting once a year with cars coming all over Europe.

Yes I think I can recognize the Imperial design specials out of my Old World sensitiveness.

The attributes I find are first "Mighty", then "Elegant" then "Special" - very special in some details such as ornaments or others, then "Innovative" and "Brave". I see a line from the '56 over Exners until the Viper and Prowler.

In Europe you can find a parallel between Pininfarina and Bertone design for Ferrari (corresponding to Cadillac) and Lamborghini (corresponding to Imperial).

My 60 four door sedan is for me an extreme example of - exuse me - so ugly a design that it is beautiful - ugly in the Italian design sense.

For me it's a piece of art - A mixture of MEDICI and Art Deco.

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