1961 Imperial Artwork

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The below artworks have been stored here in GIF format, and can be viewed in larger format by clicking upon them. They may also be downloaded directly, along with the original EPS-format files used to create them. These EPS files are printable on Postscript printers and typesetting machines.

These artworks were drawn by Tony Lindsey, using Adobe Illustrator on the Mac. You are welcome to freely use these images for personal or club-newsletter use, but may not sell them without written permission.

Click small images to see larger images)
White-Conv-small.gif (9k)
1961 Imperial Crown Convertible (Rear 3/4-View, White)
. Drawn from photo.

Southampton-side-small.gif (4223bytes)
1961 Imperial Crown 4-door Hardtop (Southampton),
Side View, from Dealer's Prestige Album

LeBaron-Side-small.gif (7k)
1961 Imperial LeBaron 4-door Hardtop
, from Dealer's Prestige Album.

Imperial-title-small.gif (1810bytes)
Imperial Title

Coupe-Side-small.gif (6k)
1961 Imperial Crown Coupe
, from Dealer's Prestige Album.

Conv-Side-small.gif (5k)
1961 Imperial Crown Convertible
, from Dealer's Prestige Album.

Brochure-Title-small.gif (2435bytes)
Brochure Title

Black-Conv-Rear-small.gif (8k)
1961 Imperial Crown Convertible (Rear 3/4-View, Black)
. Drawn from photo.

1961-Eagle-small.gif (13k)
1961 Imperial Eagle
(from owner's manual, ads and dealer handouts)

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