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Sales Literature

Color Brochure

Showroom Book

Magazine Ads

Salesman's Booklet

Owner's Manual

Factory and Publicity Photos

Prestige Album (B&W)

New Car Introduction

1961 Imperial Commercial

1961 Imperial Introduction

Repair Literature

Collision Part Numbers

AFB-AVS Reference

Air Conditioning Service

Master Technician Service Conference booklets for 1961

Hinge Door-Stop Repair

Part Numbers

Sunoco Service Bulletin

Trunk Lock Repair Details


A.E.A. Tune-Up Specifications

Disc Brake Conversion

Maintenance Charts

Paint Chip Chart & Codes

Production Figures

Specifications & Options

VIN Decoder

Used Car Reconditioning

45rpm Highway Hi-Fi Record-Player

Replacement Glass Codes

Rob Kidd's 1961 Punchcard


1961 Imperial Artwork

John Corey's 1961 Imperial in the 2006 Great Race

John Corey's 1961 Imperial in the 2011 Great Race

JibJab's 1961 Imperial

Tony Lindsey's Driver Rave-views

The Shriner Convertibles

Showtime Television Ad

WPC Club Notes

Yat Ming's 1961 Convertible model

Chrysler Corp.'s Annual Report

1961 Imperial in Alaska in 1965

1961 Dealers "Show Boat"


Tommy Bayer's LeBaron

A Black Crown Coupe

Robert Louis Brezout's Shriner convertible

Floyd Clymer's Cross-Country Road Trip

John Corey & his two 61s

A Crown with Cut-Down Fins

Sandra Dee and her Crown

Aubrey Dobb's Crown

Jim Gesswein's Convertible

Tenpenny's Coupe

Steve's Coupe

Paul Graveline's Crown Coupe

Richard Rowland's LeBaron Southampton

A restored LeBaron for sale

Abe Tawil's Crown Convertible

A Radio-Delete Imperial

A LeBaron used by JFK in Canada in 1961

Dave Jolliff's Crown

Ward Karson's Custom

Dick & Marlys Hamann's convertible

Tony Lindsey's convertible

A Malibu Tan Custom

Norm Silverman's LeBaron

Joe Still's Crown

Frank Troost's LeBaron

A White Crown Coupe

A White Crown Convertible

Kerry's 1961 GeeA Limo Project

Phil Johnson's Convertible

John Corey's Convertible - No Excuses!

Kelly Harwood's Convertible

A LeBaron Wedding in Holland

A White Convertible

Magazine Articles

1960-1963 Buyers Guide from Hemmings Motor News, July 2005

1961 Imperial Review from Car Review Magazine, April 1961.

1961 Imperial Road Test from Car Life, July 1961

1961-1963 Imperials from WPC News, June 1982

Chrysler's Corporate Line-Up for '61 from Cars

Escape Road from AutoWeek, March 29, 1983

SIA Comparison Report from SIA, June 1988

Testing the 1961 Luxury Cars from Motor Trend, April 1961

Three for the Money from Motor Life, July 1961

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