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From: Tony Lindsey, "Imperial Leader" In February of 1997, Showtime (the cable-TV channel) wanted to promote the fact that their programs were free for a trial weekend. They promoted this with a series of commercials that portrayed a man on a road with a black '61 Imperial Crown convertible with a white interior. Rex Church was nice enough to snag the best images for us, and here they are, along with a few notes below...

Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 20:46 EST

From: ldmmheh@iquest.net (Rex Church)

Subject: Showtime Ad

These were captured from the Showtime Ads, which usually just flash by. So I had to capture each segment as a QuickTime movie, then review each frame by frame, and grabbed a still shot of the best frames. Obviously some are better than others. This is all of them, though. They basically represent various angles of the car.....some in motion, and some standing still.

I received a letter from somebody who wanted to know if my own black '61 convertible was the same one used in the Showtime ads. Here is my reply:

You're the first person to ask me that - No, and I wish it was - My car isn't finished yet. The Showtime ad black '61 Imperial convertible shows a white leather interior, while mine currently has a salmon pink & white vinyl & blue & black & red interior (It lacked an interior when I got it, so I had to use parts from various parts-cars).

Once I scrape-together the $$$ required, my car will have a red-leather interior with a black convertible top. Until I saw the Showtime promotion, I had never, ever seen another black convertible '61. Anybody on the List have any ideas who it belongs to?

In the old days (ten to fifteen years ago), it seemed like all '61 Imperials were white. Now, I know of several red ones (that's a LOT of red, folks), one dark blue, one Coronado Cream, and one metallic green.

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