Bob Kinker's 1964 Imperial

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I won my Imperial on an E-Bay auction. I had originally intended to use the engine & transmission in one of my 64 Plymouths, however when I picked up the car, I saw it was way too nice to cut up. My Imp came out of the D.C. area. With a jump and a shot of ether, she fired right up, and I drove it in the trailer. It was dark when I finally picked it up, so a close inspection of the car wasn't until the next day. After work I picked up a battery, installed it, fired the beast up and backed it out of the trailer. I had seen pictures of the car on the auction, but we all know how  pictures lie!   But, in this case, they were very accurate. The front seat needs new leather, otherwise, it is very presentable as is.

 Leather is now being dyed and should be ready shortly. The front end has just been rebuilt and new shocks were installed at the same time. Unfortunately, when I was bringing her home, the power steering hose let go, sprayed P/S fluid on the exhaust manifold, and it caught fire.  The fire was put out quickly, and it seems to have only burned both power steering hoses, the A/C hoses, and singed the underhood wiring harness. Also the plug wires are toast. Unbelievably, I started the car up using the key, however it won't turn off with the key. I had to yank the coil wire. I can't wait to get these repairs done, so I can go cruising again.

 I had already planned on a stop to the interior shop, then off to the paint shop. This fire set my plans back a little, but I'm not discouraged.

Bob Kinker

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