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Sales Literature

1964 Chrysler-Plymouth Film Library

C o l o r Brochure

C o l o r Brochure 2

Introduction Brochure

Factory & Publicity Photos

LeBaron Introduction

Magazine Advertisements

Owner's Manual

Air Conditioning Brochure

CHRYSLER Accessories Brochure

63-64 Used Car Guide

Purchase Slip & Dealer Invoice

An Imperial Warranty Card

New Features for 1964

1964 Imperial Comparison Brochure

1964 & Earlier Safety Accessories Brochure

Repair Literature

Master Technician Service Conference booklets and movies for 1964

Hinge Door-Stop Repair

AFB-AVS Reference


Production Figures

General Specifications & Codes

Standard & Optional Equipment

Paint Codes

Body Plate & Engine Decoding

Interior Trim Combinations

Part Numbers for 1964 -1966 Imperials

A.E.A. Tune-Up Specifications

Maintenance Charts

VIN Decoder

Paint Chips

Replacement Glass Codes


WPC Club Notes

Convertible 4 x 4

A Promotional Matchbook

1964 Imperials and Airstreams

Fred Joslin's Dual Master Cylinder Conversion

Jon Hamm on the set of "Mad Men"


John Chabot's LeBaron for sale

Joe's Crown Coupe

Kerry's 1964 Crown Saga

Bill Roddick's Crown 4-dr

Mark Shaffer's Crown Coupe

Ken Gilbert's Crown

Frank Zendell's Crown Coupe

Don Savard's Brother's Crown

A Ghia Crown Imperial in Switzerland

Tim Hulse's LeBaron

Lupe Rodriguez's Crown Coupe

Richard Rowlands' Ghia Crown Limo

Fred Joslin's Celebrity Imperial

Hank Hallowell's Crown Convertible

Ed Trenn's Crown Coupe

Bob Zubkowski's 1965 and 1964 Parts Cars in Winter!

Kenyon Wills' Crown 4-Door

Steve Foster's Crown Limousine

Bob Kinkers Coupe

Jay D'Angelo's Convertible

Don Langer's 64 crown 4dr

Jan Witte's Crown Limousine

Eric Ruud's Crown Coupe

A Customized Parade car

A Landau Ghia Crown Limo

Mika Jaakkola's 1964 LeBaron and others

The McBain's "Mad Men" Crown Convertible

Magazine Articles

The 1964 Imperial from Imperial Times

1964 Imperial LeBaron : A New Look

"The Incomparable Imperial" - by Andrew Angove

'64 Cars: How They Compare , Pop. Mechanics

Dr. E-Berg's Weight Loss Clinic races a '64

Ghias Ultimate Luxo Limos , Mopar Action

1964 Imperial Review from Motor Trend

McCahill Tests the Imperial, Mech. Illustrated

'64 Imperial Review, Car Facts, June 1964.

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