1964 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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This is a great picture of a 64 Crown Coupe owned by IML Member Frank Zendell. This particular car has the optional vinyl top.

This photo shows another 64 Crown Coupe. What a beauty!

The 64 Imperial crowns were the entry level Imperials for this year. All 64 Imperials shared the beautiful Elwood Engel designed bodies. Many people note a resemblance to the Lincolns of the early 60's since they were both designed by Mr. Engel.

64 Crown Coupe Hardtop. When all the windows were down, the lack of a center post gave a real open air feel to the driving experience.

This photo is of a rare 64 Imperial Convertible. Only 922 of these models were produced for the year. This car sold new for $6,003 in base form.

Here are 2 shots of another 64 imperial Convertible.

This unusual ad is for a 64 Imperial Hearse. What a way to take your last ride!

The 1964 Crown Coupe in Formal White without vinyl roof showing the small rear window and the beautiful rear bumper design.

Coupe interior showing the beautiful and supple leather seats in the 1964 Crown Coupe. Note the chrome dash and the deep carpet.

The back of the 64 Imperials were equipped with lots of chrome. This Imperial again shows the small rear window found on the LeBarons and the Crown Coupe. The rear bumper has been described as looking like a propeller.

Here you can see clearly the windshield design used for 64-66 Imperials except Convertibles. The convertibles used the same windshield as the 57-63 Imperials which was the same size but the older style was arched out while the 64-66 style was nearly flat.

Here you see the backup light lens next to the tail light lenses. These are found on the back of this lovely Imperial Crown Coupe. The 64-65 Imperials all used this same design.

This shows the grille used for 64 only. While the 64-65-66 Imperials looked similar from the front, the grille was very different.

The vinyl top material used was far from "average". It was called Elks Grain and was very coarse .

Gas Door of the 64 Imperial. This is the same door as 64-66 64 Imperials but the LeBarons added a gold colored aluminum highlight behind the already stunning chrome eagle.

This ad for a 964 Crown convertible, shows the beautiful lines of the 64's with the top down.

There were a number of different types and sizes of promotional Imperials for 64. This one is of the lovely 64 Imperial Convertible. Dad (and/or Mom) gets a new car to drive home and jr. gets an Imperial of his own!

This shows the detail around the Convertible top well including the chrome and the snaps to hold the Plastic covers in place.

Here we see the Crown Coupe Script found on the C pillar.

Here is a close-up of the chromed headlights used for 64. I know from experience that these are HEAVY! Real metal and heavy chrome. That's why they still look great 40 years later!

Nice looking Crown Coupe at the local Imperial show.

This is the magnificent 1964 Ghia Built Crown Imperial Limo. It was priced out of reach of most folks as only 10 were created. Truly the Ultimate in luxury!

This is the only wheel cover available on Imperials for this year, which helped give Imperials a more formal look.

Here's a good shot of an Imperial LeBaron roof line. The LeBaron uses the small formal back window.

Here's the heart of a 64 Imperial! The might 413 cubic inch power plant, matched with a push-button Torqueflite 3 speed automatic Transmission.

Nice blue 64 Convertible.

Here is the beautiful sculptured Imperial Eagle hood ornament. A NOS hood ornament is a nice thing to have!

Another shot of a 64 convert.

This shows the front fender script from a 64 Crown. The LeBarons looked almost the same but said LeBaron instead of Imperial.

Here's a nice picture of the eagle found on the C Pillar of the 64 Imperial LeBarons.

Here is a great looking 64 door handle. Notice the Eagle logo.

Here is a nice looking dash from a 64 Crown. This photo shows the optional tilt steering wheel as well as the last year for pushbutton transmission on the Imperial line (except for the 65 Ghia).


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