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1969-1971 Fuselage Imperial Comparison

At the 2003 Southern Imperial & Chrysler Meet on May 30 - June 1, a rare opportunity was available to compare and photograph three Fuselage-era Imperials side by side: Roger Cooper's 1969 Imperial Crown Sedan and Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron and 1971 Imperial LeBaron.  The following pictures illustrate the similarities and differences among the three years.

For more information on the differences among these three years, please see the Spotter's Guides for 1969, 1970, and 1971.

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Notice that Roger Cooper's '69 Imperial (above) is a four door sedan -- this means that the "B-pillar" between the front and rear door extends all the way to the roof, unlike the short "B-pillar" of a hardtop.  And the side windows have frames that surround the glass, also unlike a hardtop.

Also notice in the pictures below the large rear window found on Crowns, but not on LeBarons.

1969 1970 1971
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