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1970 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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Styling changes for 1970 were minimal, which made sense after the major restyle for the 1969 model year.  The 1970 does have some unique exterior features.  The "hood ornament" continued to be affixed to the front of the hood.  The "shark grille" cornering/side marker lights of '69 were replaced with a rectangular affair.  The grille was transformed to a larger eggcrate design, and the front turn signals were made larger (also unfortunately losing the tasteful eagle emblems of 1969).  At the rear, the taillight lenses gained chrome trim surrounds, and the "IMPERIAL" script was placed on the rear bumper.  Along the sides, notable changes included a wide chrome strip at the bottom of the car, a lack of side trim (vinyl side trim was optional, with a pinstripe being the other option), and -- perhaps the most noticeable change -- no fender skirts!  The interior was updated a bit as well, especially the door panels.  The 440 V-8, rated at 350 BHP, continued unchanged for 1970.

For a comparison of 1969, 1970, and 1971 Imperials, be sure to see the Fuselage Imperial Comparison.

The Imperial LeBaron continued to be the top of the line model for 1970.  Other models included a LeBaron two door hardtop and the Crown four and two door hardtops.  The sedan was no longer available.


Here's a great shot of a 1970 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop ready for show. Here's a closer shot of the front. Notice the changes in cornering lights and front turn signals from the previous year. This style would continue through the 1971 model year.


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The 440 was once again the power plant for this year's Imperial, turning out a sturdy 350 bhp and a hefty 475 ft.-lbs. of torque. Does size matter? Of course it does! At just a bit over 19 feet, the 1970 Imperial was the longest standard production car for 1970 (see The 1970 Luxury Cars from Popular Mechanics for comparisons of the 1970 luxury cars).



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The new grille/headlight door treatment for 1970 gives the Imperial a tasteful yet somewhat aggressive appearance. From the rear, ornamentation is minimal, but still conveys an impression of tasteful luxury.


Luxurious interior? You'd better believe it! This Imperial LeBaron is equipped with the opulent optional leather interior. The front seat welcomes you into the world of Imperial comfort and luxury.


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The cloth and leather interior on the Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop was standard; a full leather interior was option.  As you can see, the seating is both luxurious and comfortable, with ample room both front and back.


Once inside, the driver of the Imperial is in complete command of his or her driving environment -- and the road! Feel the need to be pampered? Step into the backseat of your Imperial and bask in the comfort of total luxury.


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The door panels for '70 are unique to that year.  The silver and black panel at the top is actually an embossed vinyl -- an amazingly luxurious accent! And don't worry about luggage! There's plenty of room for storage in the capacious trunk of the Imperial.


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