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This interesting Imperial was spotted for sale on the Internet earlier this year. The previous owner claims that this is the last Imperial produced by Chrysler in 1983, and the VIN confirms this fact according to page 24 of the 1981-1983 Imperial article from the WPC News. It would be seven years before the next Imperial rolled off Chrysler's assembly lines. Here's some information the previous owner had to say about it.
Did you note the mileage? That's right, only 231 miles on this 1983 Imperial, The LAST ONE to have rolled down the Windsor Ontario assembly line which was in April of 1983. Under the hood is a metal plate with the name of the customer who ordered this Imperial in Black with Navy Blue Leather Interior and deep thick rich carpeting, was the only customer to have this interior/exterior combination. Truly a "One of a Kind" car!

This Imperial comes from a very fussy collector and has been stored in a climate controlled environment. There is no fading of the most deliciously appointed interior or the beautiful jet black paint. The chrome shines like the day it left the factory.

This Imperial has all the goodies including the fabulous wire wheel covers which really makes the car. Even the trunk of the car is perfect with the original spare still untouched. The carpet in the trunk is simply beautiful.

All Imperials were built at Chrysler's Windsor, Ontario, facility and special measures were taken to ensure quality comparable with the world's best. EAch car was subjected to a series of checks, a 5.5-mile road test, and a final polish before shipment. Imperials had never been built like this before. The total production number for this classic collectable automobile was just 1427. When you consider the survival rate, there are just a few left out there and this is the best of the best.

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