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Magazine Articles

81-83 Imperial from WPC News

Chrysler Imperialism - The MoPar City Missile from Hot Rod magazine.

Last Flight Out from High Performance Mopar magazine.


Production Figures

81-83 Production Statistics


Electronic Fuel Injection Service

Carburetor Conversion Manual, including pictures.

81-83 Part Numbers

81-83 Repair Tips

81-83 EFI Repair

81-83 Technical Advice Archive

Paint Chips

Replacement Glass Codes

Fuse Box and Light Bulbs

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Color Brochure

Canadian Brochure

Full-line Brochure

Magazine Ads

Full-line Brochure

Factory Photos

1983 Chrysler and Imperial Parts Manual

Specific repair tips for 1983 (Chrysler) Imperials.
MOVIES: See a 1983 Imperial limousine on screen in the movie, "Cannonball Run II"


1983 Imperial Convertible

Beige Crystal 1983 Imperial

Doug Carman's excellent 1981-83 Imperial Website

Jeremy Dickerson's 1983 Imperial

The Last 1983 Imperial

Dan Wing's 1983 Imperial in Beige Crystal



Buddy Arrington's Winston Cup Series '81 Imperial

Chrysler LeBaron Turbine prototype that inspired the 1981 - 1983 Imperials

Differences Among the 1981 - 1983 Imperials

Special Edition Coupes including Frank Sinatra & Mark Cross

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