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We want to know more about your car!

Please tell us more about your car.  Cars are much more interesting if we know the stories behind them (especially if they are illustrated with photos).  Use the questions below to spark your imagination to decide what to tell us about your car.  Tell us as much information as you are comfortable with.  Add as much text as you like.  For the pictures, add as many as you like (preferably from lots of different angles, and to illustrate any points that you discuss or anything that is especially nice--or maybe especially bad--about your car).  When you have everything ready just email it to the webmonsters and we will get it put up.  Check here to find out which webmonster is responsible for you year if you have any questions.  

If you know HTML, you can send an HTML file (note that it will probably be modified somewhat to fit the template that we use on the site) with all the information (including the placement of your pictures).  If you would prefer to write up your story using a word processor, that is fine as well, or you can just write it up in an email or text files.

If you already have a web site about your car send us the URL and we will link to it from the appropriate year page.  If we link to your page, it will need to be a page that is just about your car, if that isn't possible, we could extract your Imperial content and host it on our site.

Once the page is made, we will add a link from your car's entry in the registry to your new page (you have registered your cars right?).  You will need to send us your car's VIN so that we can link it up.

Below are questions to help everyone get to know your car better, please answer them with as much detail as you are comfortable with.  Use as much space as needed.  Don't feel constrained by these questions, they are just a guide to get you started.

Please have the pictures in .jpg format.  If you don't or can't get them into .jpg format, we can do it for you, but it will take a little longer to get the pictures up.

If you have any content (ads, brochures or other literature, parts catalogs, service bulletins etc) that you would be willing to help us get on the web please contact the Imp Webmonsters


This page was last updated November 25, 2003.  Send us your feedback, and join the Imperial Mailing List online car club today!