2003 Anniston Spring Gathering 

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The Spring 2003 Anniston, Alabama, Packard and Imperial meet was held the weekend of March 28, 29, and 30.  The meet was again hosted by the North Alabama Packard Club and held at The Victoria, a victorian-style home that has been restored as a bed & breakfast with 44 additional rooms added  in the rear of the property in the style of the original home.  Donald Taccone and Debbie Brown host this event and always make it a real success.

The fun began Friday around 7:00 p.m. with the welcome/cocktail party hosted by Donald Taccone and Debbie Brown.  This is always great fun with wonderful food and spirits!  We all enjoyed welcoming new folks to the gathering and greeting old friends.

Saturday morning we gathered in the hotel parking lot and the Packard & Imperial Motoring began!   There were around 20 cars and everyone had a great time! Even though the weather was cool and a little damp, there's still no better way to spend a weekend than driving great old cars and enjoying talking with other car "nuts."  We had a wide range of cars this year, with everything from a '53 Packard Clipper to a '72 Chrysler Newport Custom, with a pair of '62 Imperials and a pair of '69 Imperials to fill in the blanks.

On Sunday, the weather was bright and sunny, and we all enjoyed a morning of Imperial fun.  We even had a six car "caravan" to find a local gentleman who had a '64 Crown Coupe for sale.  Naturally, we got lost, and a priceless moment of the weekend came when all six cars pulled into a church parking lot to regroup and Jeff Carrothers exclaimed, "It's a BIG W!  It's under a BIG W, see!"

Everyone had a GREAT time, and we can't wait for our next gathering!  Several folks even flew in from as far away as Washington D.C., which is a testament to just how much fun these meets are!  So if you haven't attended this event before, be sure to make plans to attend in the fall!

This '53 Packard Clipper is a wonderful example of Packard's styling for the year.
John Muller is the proud owner of this 1954 Imperial sedan.  This car is in excellent condition and certainly drew lots of attention.  More pictures of this great Imperial can be seen on the Imperial Club Website.  Also be sure to check out this short video of John's Imperial.
Donald Taccone owns this 1956 Packard Executive.
Mark Harris recently acquired this 1962 Imperial Crown, which formerly belonged to Jeff Carrothers.  Be sure to check out more pictures of Mark's 1962 Imperial.  Also be sure to check out this short video and another video of Mark's Imperial.
And here's Jeff Carrothers' 1962 Imperial LeBaron.  The two '62 Imperials made a stunning impression together, especially out on the highway.
Hal Coble brought this very nice 1963 Imperial Crown over from Calhoun, Georgia.  The car looked absolutely fabulous, especially with the dark blue paint.  See more picture's of Hal Coble's '63.
Kerry Pinkerton just finished restoring this 1966 Chrysler 300.  His paint work on this car is absolutely stunning!  You can read all about it on his Paint & Body Work 101 saga.  Also be sure to check out this short video of Kerry's Imperial.
Robert Soule also drove his 1966 Chrysler 300 to this meet.
Chris Hawkins owns this 1966 Imperial LeBaron, which is absolutely immaculate.  Click here to see more of Chris' LeBaron.
This pair of 1967 Imperial LeBarons was for sale.  Both cars certainly have potential and are worthy of a good home!
Pete Morgan of Oxford, Alabama, owns this super-nice 1967 Imperial Crown Convertible.  Too bad the weather wasn't nice enough to put the top down!
John Muller owns this incredible low-mileage 1969 Imperial LeBaron.  See more pictures of John's car here.  Also be sure to check out this short video of John's Imperial, as well as this video and another video of the sequential turn signals!
This 1969 Imperial LeBaron belongs to Ed Noble.  Ed has owned this car for over 30 years!  See more of Ed's '69 LeBaron.
Mark McDonald owns this swanky 1970 Chrysler New Yorker two door hardtop.  It's a very groovy car and has officially been dubbed the "Glen Campbell Car," complete with an 8-Track of Glen's greatest hits!  Also be sure to check out this short video of Mark's Imperial.
This 1971 Imperial LeBaron belongs to Elijah Scott.  More information on this car can be found on Elijah's Imperial Pages.

Gregg Waggoner owns this 1972 Chrysler Newport Custom two door hardtop.  The blue-on-blue color combination is quite eye-catching, and we just had to throw in a picture (above) of that great brocade interior!

Having Mark Harris' 1962 Imperial Crown, Hal Coble's 1963 Imperial Crown, and Jeff Carrothers' 1962 Imperial LeBaron side by side was a real treat!  All three cars are very photogenic!

. . . and a couple of parting shots.


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