1999 Atlanta Meet 

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The Third Annual Atlanta Meet took place on May 1, 1999, with 18 cars in attendance. The beautiful spring weather and the sumptuous surroundings of the Southern Center for International Studies were the perfect setting for an Imperial gathering.


Be sure to view the video of this meet, or view individual video clips of selected interviews, made available courtesy of Joel Yelich of Video Salvage™.


Imperials and NYBs at the meet included: Other attendees:
  • 1956 Imperial Sedan -- Donald Taccone
  • 1964 Ghia Crown Imperial -- Cecil McCall
  • 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible -- Chris Hawkins
  • 1966 Imperial LeBaron -- Chris Hawkins
  • 1967 Imperial LeBaron -- John Muller
  • 1971 Imperial LeBaron -- Elijah Scott
  • 1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham -- Patrick West
  • 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham -- Christoper Conway
  • 1981 Imperial -- Christopher Conway
  • 1983 Imperial -- John McCall
  • 1956 Lincoln Pioneer Station Wagon - Phil Schaefer

  • 1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country -- Chris Hawkins

  • 1960 Chrysler New Yorker 4-door sedan - John Pastor

  • 1965 Chrysler 300-L Convertible - Murray Vise

  • 1966 Thunderbird Town Coupe - Darren Adair

  • 1966 Thunderbird Landau - David (Patrick's friend)

  • 1968 Riviera - Robbie Thompson

  • 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood - Paul Gillis


Chris Conway's 1981 Imperial spends some quality time with Donald Taccone's 1956 Imperial sedan. The scenery was a perfect backdrop for a wonderful gathering of cars and enthusiasts. Chris Hawkins' 1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country.  The car was "in process" at this time, and Chris has done a wonderful job of restoring it.

Cecil McCall owned this stunning 1964 Ghia Crown Imperial limousine.  The car was "updated" by the original owner with a '66 grille.

Chris Hawkins owns this 1966 Imperial LeBaron and this 1966 Imperial Crown convertible.

Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron.


Patrick West's 1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham and Christopher Conway's 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.

This 1981 Imperial was owned by Christopher Conway.

Many people made it to the show without Imperials, but still enjoyed the gathering of Imperial enthusiasts.  Especial thanks to Chris Hawkins for providing use of the SCIS grounds -- his generous support for these meets is greatly appreciated.  Kudos also go to Chris Bunthoff and Patrick West for helping with refreshments and other arrangements.

Most of all, THANKS to EVERYONE who attended -- the cars were fantastic, but it's definitely the people that make these gatherings so enjoyable.

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