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A cute movie starring James Garner and Lee Remick, with excellent footage of his 1963 Imperial convertible.  This description sounds a lot like the one for Move Over, Darling!  Did James Garner own a 1963 Imperial convertible in real life?

Below are several still pictures from the movie.  In order to play, just click any of the pictures below--click on a small picture for a small (10 Meg) movie, or a large picture to view a larger, high quality clip suitable for viewing in "full-screen" mode; file size is 59 Meg. Left click to view the movie directly, or save to your hard drive by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".  If you need help viewing, go to our "How To Play Imperial Movies" page.  Enjoy!



James Garner plays a rich Texan who's considering investing with a new stockbroker played by Lee Remick.  Here, he takes her for a drive in his 1963 Imperial convertible; when Lee Remick reaches for the cigarette lighter, she instead hits buttons that reveal his custom drink dispenser...
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...and fully-reclining passenger seat.  "This is NOT the way I light my cigarettes" scolds Lee.
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James and Lee pull up to the long-abandoned factory of the "Universal Widget" company, in which James Garner has invested money through his broker, played by Lee Remick.
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Having been thrown out of the adjoining hotel rooms he tried to set up for himself and Lee Remick, James Garner spends the night in his Glacier Blue 1963 Imperial Crown convertible with custom fully-reclining passenger seat.
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On their way back from the Universal Widget factory, the stars get a chance to show off more of the '63 convertible, including its dual car phones.
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Discussion from the Imperial Mailing List:


From: Stephen.Quirolo

I bought the video tape of the "The Wheeler Dealers" several years ago. The Imperial convertible that James Garner drives is a '63. The movie itself is pretty bad, but there are a few good lines and of course the car looks great. The car was "equipped" with dual phones (I think they were princess phones), reclining seat backs, and a dashboard-installed WET BAR that dispenses bourbon and branch water... And this was supposed to be a RENTAL car!

Pretty far out stuff (Ed Wood must have been involved), and the sad part is that it represents another '63 Imperial convertible that was butchered for the sake of Hollywood. I'm sure the '63 Imperial convertible that Doris Day drove through the car wash with the top down in "Move Over, Darling" went right to the junk yard after they were done with it, and Susan Hayward's White and Claret '63 convertible in "Where Love Has Gone" probably needed a new suspension and frame alignment after speeding through all those hilly San Franciscan intersections (I think I mentioned previously about this film that the Imperial actually leaves the ground in one scene...OUCH!). The very thought of it almost brings me to tears!

The best line in "The Wheeler Dealers" comes from Lee Remick (not Debbie Reynolds) when, after a ride in the Imperial with the top down, she declares to James Garner, "You can have a convertible or you can have a hair do, but you can't have both!" (Didn't she think to wear a scarf?)


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