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Dick Benjamin's Guided Tour of 1981-83 Fuel-Injection

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By Dick Benjamin, voted IML Imperial Expert Emeritus 1998

After many years of experience, I've learned a few things about the 1981-83 Imperial Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. I don't pretend to know it all, but I can certainly clear up some common mysteries and complaints. I'm very willing to adapt the following information as feedback comes in...

The EFI system used in these cars, when running properly, can be a joy, providing excellent gas-mileage (29 MPG is not uncommon on the highway, which is great for a 5,000-pound car), smooth running, easy starts, and long life.

IF it's running right.

However, there are many misconceptions about this unique system, and many owners have given up their cars due to:

- Rough Idling
- Running Rich
- Fuel Starvation and
- when the car Won't Start After Warmup.

If you click on each of those topics, you'll see the discussions that have helped various IML members in the past.

Many owners grew impatient when Chrysler's technicians couldn't help them, forcing them to switch to a standard carburetor system.

Those of us on the IML have managed (for the first time anywhere) to determine the common problem areas and their solutions. Come join me for an Underhood Tour, Gas Tank Tour, and Dashboard Tour, and we'll explore the EFI system together...

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