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Color Brochure

Fact Card

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Operator's Manual

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New Car Invitation

Chrysler - Plymouth Radio Spots



1965-1972 Chrysler & Imperial Service Overview

1970 Cleaner Air System

Master Technicians Service Conference for 1970
1969-1973 Lubrication Chart

AFB-AVS Reference

Thermo-Quad Reference


1969-1973 Splash Shield Templates

1970-1972 Part Numbers

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Production Figures

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1969-1971 Fuselage Imperial Comparison

1970 Imperial Warranty Notice

1970 Imperial Window Sticker

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A 1970 Imperial LeBaron 4 x 4

A 1970 Imperial Crown Four Door Hardtop

A 1970 Imperial Crown Two Door Hardtop

Jerry Elias's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

William Herbert's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

Murray Park's 1970 Imperial LeBaron Limousine

Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

Tracy's 1970 Imperial LeBaron Two Door Hardtop in New Zealand

Video of a 1970 Imperial LeBaron

Kenyon Wills' 1970 Imperial LeBaron

Mike Olson's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

John Griffith's 1970 Imperial Crown Coupe

MD in VT's Imperial LeBaron renovation

John & Arlys Chesnutt's LeBaron Coupe

Magazine Articles

77,980 Imperials: 1969 to 1973 from WPC News

The 1970 Luxury Cars from Popular Mechanics

Rockefeller's 1970 Imperial Cruiser from New Zealand Classic Car, May 1999

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