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2003 Southern Imperial & Chrysler Meet, May 30 - June 1

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The 2003 Southern Imperial & Chrysler Meet was held May 30 - June 1, 2003, at the home of Robert and Laqueta Soule in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.  The weather for the meet was perfect, and everyone enjoyed spending a weekend under the shade trees driving and admiring these fine Imperials and Chryslers.  The mixture of vintage iron included something to suit everyone's taste, and a good time was had by all.

Here's the "show field" on Saturday -- the Soules' front yard was the perfect location for this gathering of fine automobiles.  Accommodations included a hospitality gazebo, music, refreshments, and even a genuine service station bell across the driveway to announce new arrivals.


Kerry Pinkerton's 1962 Imperial Crown.  Unfortunately, this car lost the brake linings on the way to the railroad museum and had to be trailered back.  Kerry has recently sold this car to IML member Ed Noble from Boaz, AL.

Jeff Carrothers' 1964 Imperial LeBaron

Robert Soule's first car, which he still has, a loaded 1964 Imperial Crown 4dr hardtop

Robert Soule's 1965 Chrysler 300 Convertible

Robert Soule's 1965 Chrysler New Yorker hardtop with the rare clear taillight lenses.

Jeff Carrother's new 1966 300, which has been dubbed the "tractor" because of the Ford tractor blue that someone painted the car.  Excellent driving car that will make a fine car someday with new paint.

Robert Soule's 1966 Chrysler 300

Kerry Pinkerton's 1966 Chrysler 300 with a beautiful new coat of silver paint.  A very fine car indeed!

"Darnell," a 1966 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon, belongs to Robert Soule.  Darnell is the official Murray Motor Company roadside service vehicle.

Robert Soule owned this 1967 Chrysler Newport convertible at the time of the meet, but has since sold the car to Melissa Graham.

Mark McDonald's 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible

Robert Soule's 1968 Imperial LeBaron and Imperial Crown Convertible . . . a matching pair in Sky Blue with white tops

Robert Soule's 1968 Chrysler Newport

Local Tennessee Valley Region WPC member Mike Bennett's 1968 Chrysler 300 convertible.

Jim Kelly's '68 LeBaron.  At the time of the meet, Robert Soule was doing some mechanical work on the car. Jim Kelly then flew into Chattanooga and drove the car across the country with only one minor incident (faulty starter relay).  It is now in Hawaii with its new owner Jim Kelly.

Roger Cooper's 1969 Imperial Crown Sedan -- among the most rare of '69 Imperials, and in excellent condition.  Notice the full frames around the door windows and the full-size rear glass.

Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron -- a 61,000 mile original car in excellent condition Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron

Roger Cooper's '69 Imperial and Elijah Scott's '70 and '71 Imperials.  It's a rare thing to see all three Fuselage years together!  This opportunity allowed us to create a 1969-1971 Fuselage Imperial Comparison.

Robert Soule's 1960 Corvair sedan.  This car belonged to Robert's Grandmother, who affectionately said it looked like a Mercedes.  This car has become something of a beloved mascot at these meets.

Fun was to be had in all directions -- hoods were up, cars were being driven, and the entire day was filled with Mopar enjoyment!


The set of pictures below were taken on Saturday at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time as we motored over to the Railroad Museum for lunch and a train ride.  A good time was had by all!  The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is the largest operating Railroad Museum in the Southeast United States.  As usual, they did have their steam locomotive number 610 operating, but it was off the premises pulling an excursion train to Summerville, GA.  I hope it will be on premises in 2004 when we make the trip back to the Railroad Museum.


Dinner on Saturday night was a cruise to the Sonic Drive-In in downtown Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.  Needless to say, we turned a lot of heads with these vintage cars at the drive-in!


The 2003 Southern Imperial & Chrysler Meet was great fun for all who attended!  Be sure to check the Online Imperial Club Events page for future Southern Imperial & Chrysler Meets, and make your plans to attend!


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