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If you know of a vendor we do not have listed, please share your recommendation with our club!!



Andy Bernbaum

315 Franklin Street

Newton, Massachusetts



No EMAIL available 


SYNOPSIS - Engine decals for 1933-59 Mopars.

Quirey Quality Design Co.
(added 6/2019) - formerly "Gary Goers"

3200 Graham Ave.

Windber, PA


814 509-6410

Fax: 814 509-6426



SYNOPSIS - We are an antique auto parts manufacturer that specializes in 1962-1975 Chrysler automobiles. We manufacture various body plug kits, hinge covers, light lenses, rubber bumper, battery cables, windshield washer bottles and many other items. We are the manufacturer of Topcat Catwhiskers brand window felts. We recently purchased Gary Goers Classic Car Interior Restoration in Kalispell Montana and we have moved Gary's inventory to Pennsylvania where we will continue to make and sell his products. With this new venture we were able to expand our product line to include 1955 and later Chrysler letter cars. We should be ready to begin shipping items from Gary's inventory by December 2019, with interiors to follow at the beginning of 2020. If you are in need of a particular item, call us (814-509-6410) and we can watch for that item as we unpack and organize our new inventory. We look forward to talking to you.

Jim Osbourne
101 Ridgecrest Dr
Lauranceville, GA


no email available


SYNOPSIS - Imperial Restoration Decals and Detailing Items.

Year One

P. O. Box 521

Braselton, GA




SYNOPSIS - a variety of engine decals, stencils and pin striping kits.

If you know of a vendor we do not have listed, please share your recommendation with our club!!


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