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Kerry's '61 Imperial "GeeA" Limo Fabrication

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Ah dreams, it's what separates us from animals.  I have this problem (well, lots of problems actually but let's not go there), I have these 3 1961 Imperials and they are all really parts cars.  They could be combined into at least 1 good car (one has dual air) but then it would just be one more 61 Imperial.  How about doing something DIFFERENT??

Everyone knows that Ghia of Turin Italy built Limos for Chrysler during the glory years.  However, they did not build one based on the 61 Imperial.  The ones they sold as 61 Ghias were actually based on the 60 Imperial bodies.  I'm planning on building a "GeeA" limo, a redneck perversion of Ghia as well as a play on words.  I'll make a crest similar to but different from the "Ghia"

Many thanks to John Corey for the design studies, artwork, and encouragement.  Here is what it might look like:

Kerry1limo.jpg (282060 bytes)

Click on the image for a larger version.  It's worth the download time.