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I am lucky these days to be so active. My family is good to me and I have many friends. I am legally owned by the Texas Transportation Museum, but I have been adopted, for all intents and purposes by himself and his family. Himself is Hugh, His good wife is Therese and their daughter is jennifer Rose. Himself is from the UK. He was born in England but spent most of his thrty years there, in Scotland, lastly in the city of Aberdeen. Therese and Jennifer are both Texans and both were born right here in San Antonio.

T    T    T
Therese in Arizona, in Scotland and in the trees

j    J    j
Miss Jennifer Rose

f1    f2    F3
My Three . . . . . . . . . . With his folks . . . . . . himself and our Jenny

j4    t4    F4
Miss Rose . . . Therese by herself . . . and with himself

f5    f6    f7
Treece and her mom, with Jenny in a parade, and himself and baby Jenny

t5    f8    f9
Treece, . . . Himself's parents, . . . himself's family

j5    f10    h2
Miss Jenny, . . . Angie & Ray, . . . himself

f11    f12    h3
Treece and her mother, himself's parents, himself with Jennifer

T6    h4    h5
Ms. Fleming, and Mr Hemphill

j6    j7    J8
Autumn 2001. Jenny's school snap, Halloween and Sunday culture

jr1    jr2    jr3    jr4
March 2002 Pictures

chl1    chl2    h5
Himself's second car, a Mini Clubman, named Chloe

BAS1    bas2    bas3
Himself's third car, a Citroen 2CV, named Basil

BAS4    bas5    bas6
Basil was his second Citroen 2CV. The first was Sybil. Both were 'Fawlty'.

sco1    sco2    sco3    sco4
Visiting Scotland, December 2001

sco5    sco6    sco7    sco8
Visiting Scotland, December 2001

scot9    scot10    scot11    scot12
Visiting Scotland, December 2001

scot13    scot14    scot15    scot16
Visiting Scotland, December 2001

dom1    dom2    dom3    dom4
Visiting Scotland, December 2001

ny1    NY2    ny3    ny5
In Times Sqaure, returning from Scotland, 2002 ( & a 1958 pic)

. . . more to come

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