Links to other Imperial Information

There are some great places to find out about Imperials and to get Imperial stuff. Here is a very brief list. Visit Bob Schmitt's site for a truly comprehensive list.

  • Collectible Automobile. Aug. '99. 'Dreams of Glory: The 1957-59 Imperial.' A well written introduction to the first Imperials which had entirely their own bodies, designed by the imcomparable Virgil Exner.

  • Collectible Automobile. Aug. '87. '1955-75 Imperial: Challenge to the Carriage Trade.' A fabulous article on the history of Imperial as a separate make. Great pictures. Very informative.

  • Collectible Automobile. Oct. '91. '1957-59 Chrysler:Short, Rough Ride.' Not about Imperials per se, the article is a great introduction to the behind the scenes stuff going on at Chrysler Corp.

  • Automobile Quarterly. Second Quarter '83. Imperial: Chrysler's Flagship. A very comprehensive history of Imperials from the very begiinings to 1983. Great pics of some stunning early Imperials.

  • 'Cars od the Fabulous '50s: A Decade of High Style and Good Times.' Publications International Ltd. A 2001 book, with a 1957 Imperial convertible on the cover. It deals with each year of the decade, model by model. It also has an introduction to each year and each manufacturer, giving the highlights and perspective. A wonderful book.

  • 'Imperial 1955-1963 - Photo Archive.' Iconografix A black and white book full of pictures from the Corporations files. A second book exists, too, 1964-1968.

  • Chrysler Comparisons (1957,1958) MOVIECRAFT Video MC-039. Two half hour shorts, the first hosted by none other than Tom McCahill, of Mechanix Illustrated. Both show head to head performance comparisons with other luxury cars of the day. No close ups of the cars, or much deatail, but a little hint of the superiority of the Imperial over its rivals. Both were intended as sales training films.
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  • e-bay has become the place to get your automobilia. In fact you can often get whole cars and parts, too. I have had the best success entering 'chrysler imperial' as the search words. '1958 imperial' works well too.

  • Other Places Well Worth A Visit

    The Online Imperial Without doubt, the very best place for Imperial information in the world. Its all here, really. History, Year by Year information, parts and services suppiers. They also have a mailing list that you can join and then be part of the give and take of information trading.
    The 1958 Imperical Club 1958
    A direct link to the 1958 Page

    Imperial FAQ's
    A page put together by Bob Schmidt, of California. A formidable piece of work

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    Texas Transportation
    The site of my owners, the museum is dedicated to different kinds of transportation

    Mopar Muscle Club of San Antonio
    The site of the local Mopar club, with whom I have had many adventures

    Forward Look Mailing List
    This is a list for 1955-1961 Chrysler products (Imperial, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Plymouth, and Fargo trucks.) It's a great place to continue your travels through the Mopar labyrinth.

    The Imperialist
    This is a site made by Dave Duricy and is yet another fabulous Imperial site

    Chrysler Imperial France
    A French site concerning all things Mopar, with a big section devoted to Imperials.

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