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Hello, My name is Mrs. Blueberry. Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy it and find out about me, Imperials in general and 1958 Imperials in particular. This site is all about my life and times.

58 Imperial Eagle

What, you may be asking, is an Imperial? And, why not? We are no longer exactly as common as the minivan, are we? Sad to say, your best chances of meeting one of us is in a scrap yard, or, second to that, a car show. But, once upon a time we were the pinnacle of Chrysler product, its, if I may be so vulgar, Lincoln, its Cadillac. The top of the line model range. Back in our day, we were the best America had to offer. Large, stylish, powerful and supremely well engineered.

I did mention big, didn't I? Because, we were BIG when all cars were big. Amusingly, of course, now everyone is running around in SUV's that make us seem petite, ecomonomic, even sensible, by comparison. But, we were never about being sensible. We were made to make a statement about our owners. A different statement than either Lincoln or Cadillac ever could. Wheras those cars said their owners had arrived and it was time to flaunt it, we Imperials said something subtley different: Yes, of course I have made it, but I am still enjoying the ride and looking for new places to go!

I am a 1958 Imperial Southampton, of the four door variety. Southampton is Mopar speak for hard top. I differ from a sedan in that I do not have full frame doors or a 'B' pillar at all. I also do not have a third window behind the rear door, as the sedans do. My style was the most popular model. Technically I am the base model, but with a full range of equipment, including front and rear A/C, I am hardly under equipped. My colours are white over "ballet" blue. I have cloth and vinyl seats. I am almost nineteen feet long and seven feet wide. Nestled snugly under my hood is an almighty engine, a 392 cubic inch "Hemi" capable of delivering 345 Horse Power. Strong and fast, well designed, engineered and built, I am exactly what any luxury car aspires to be!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.

Mrs Blueberry

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