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Sales Literature

Color Brochure

Data Book and Car Selector

Experience the Data Book and Car Selector in its original format.

Factory Photos

Imperial Specifications (Canada)

Magazine Advertisements

Owner's Manual

Repair Literature

Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

Master Technicians Service Conference Movies for 1975

Thermo-Quad Reference


Color Paint Chips & Codes

Decoding Fender Tags and Body Plates

Installing the Fuel Minder

Part Numbers

Production Figures

Specifications & Historical Notes

Standard & Optional Equipment

Paint Chips

Replacement Glass Codes


1974-75 Crown Coupe Package

Photo Album

WPC Club Notes

Imperial vs. Cadillac

A modified 1975 Hearse

New for 1975 - Automatic Car Height Control System


An Imperial Station Wagon in Finland

Adrian's LeBaron 2 Door Hardtop with the Crown Coupe Package

Bart's LeBaron 4 Door Hardtop

Joe C's LeBaron 2 Door Hardtop

A Custom Convertible

Lars Furu's LeBaron 4 Door Hardtop

Rudi Groenwold's Imperial Lebaron

Alan Jordan's LeBaron 2 Door Hardtop with the Crown Coupe Package

Darryl Kippen's LeBaron 4 Door Hardtop

Mike and Kerry's 1975 Imperial Station Wagons

A White LeBaron

Ray and Marilyn Smith's LeBaron

A Pink Lebaron on Ebay (Willie Mays?)(2013)

John McCall and Joe Shepherd's Red LeBaroness

Magazine Articles

Battle of the Silken Giants from Road Test magazine

Detroit 1975 from Car & Driver

Detroit's Shattered Love Affair predicts the end of the full-size luxury car

The King's Ransom Road Test from Motor Trend magazine

Fantastic WPC Club Article about the '74 and '75 Imperials

Sales Lag Kills Chrysler Imperial

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